Monday, May 19, 2008

Ruminations on Fate

I intend to eventually populate this blog with my old posts from my older journal as well as post new ones. This is one of the older ones.

" but in our attempt to cope with

early situations, we chose or

were hypnotized into a passive position

to avoid punishment or

the loss of love

we chose to deny our response ability"

I got that from a poem in a book I read about 6 years ago the title of which I can no longer remember. Question is, do we really? Pretend to be helpless that is. I mean how many times have we said that things happen because they are meant to? That little four letter word, our rationalization, our reason, our explanation for why things are what they are, "FATE'. Things happen because they are meant to happen therefore, we can't do anything about it. But I've always believed that life is what we make it to be. And whether or not fate falls into play is merely another option we take. Because if things happen whether we want to or not sort of nixes the whole man having a choice theory doesn't it?

Funny thing, fate, people use it for all sorts of things, as an explanation, as a reason, as a way of rationalizing things. I think its funny the way we do that. I have often wondered how much of the events that occur in our lives is fate or something that we merely stumbled into because we have no control over things and how much of the things we bring upon ourselves are actually our own conscious, deliberate albeit uninformed choices?

Because we tend to blunder into various situations in our lives and when things go wrong, we succumb to the tendency to blame fate for whatever situation it is that we put ourselves into.

We choose to forget who we are

and then we forget that we've


We let the circumstances overwhelm us, drowning who we are, what we want. And then we blame fate, because it left us with no choice, when we chose to do that thing in the first place.

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